beautiful kitchen in luxury home with island, pendant lights, cabinets, and hardwood floors. tile back splash, stainless steel oven,range, and hood compliment the elegant features

It has finally arrived. This is the year you finally get around to remodeling your kitchen. You have Pinterest boards, Instagram favorites, and even a Houzz ideabook. Then reality sets in: there are so many options, so many options, that it’s difficult to decide which direction to take with your kitchen rennovation design. Fortunately, we have a few experts here at JMC who keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s in, what’s out, and what’s on the rise.

We asked JMC designers for their thoughts on this year’s kitchen trends and possibilities. Here is their advice on what you should think about as you plan to remodel your kitchen in 2023:

Whites are becoming more popular

Grays and cool tones, which dominated for years, are beginning to fade. We’re seeing a trend toward warmer color palettes everywhere, including in whites. Warmer white tones complement the earthy tones of natural wood hoods, stone countertops, and warm metals. When you temper the classic all-white kitchen with a touch of warmth, it becomes softer and more inviting, while maintaining that timeless appeal that will keep it looking fresh for years.

Celebrating Wood

Fashionable designer kitchen with an island with a marble working surface, a kitchen in blue and brown colors, wooden furniture. 3D rendering.

As kitchen colors continue to warm, it’s no surprise that the natural beauty of beautiful wood species is taking center stage. Wood elements in today’s kitchens are richer and more textured, as well as more true to their natural state. Using wood in your kitchen rennovation is a celebration of its natural coloring and graining, so you may be drawn to Hickory, Walnut, or even Oak. Woods add a rich color, texture, and warmth to your kitchen design that can’t be beat, whether it’s a subtle accent on your hood, a statement island, or the entirety of your kitchen cabinetry.

Color reigns supreme

Color is making an impact in rich hues found on backsplashes and kitchen cabinets alike, so you’re not limited to whites and wood tones for your kitchen. Cooler colors, such as blues, are being paired with warm woods, while rich greens and earth tones are becoming more popular for kitchen cabinetry. The invitation to bring color into your kitchen will allow your personality to shine through, so our designers recommend choosing a color you like and designing your kitchen around it.

Metals are still in demand

Metal accents and hardware, whether brushed, polished, matte, or mixed, add a glimmer to any kitchen. Metallic shine can be found in predictable places, such as plumbing fixtures and cabinet knobs, but unexpected metal accents on hoods, cabinet doors, and other surfaces can add a sleek touch to any space. So go ahead and select that statement light fixture in whatever metallic finish you want. When all of those metals come together in your kitchen, they’re sure to add just the right amount of shine.

Traditional style is gaining popularity

traditional kitchen with marble countertops and microwave in island.

Old styles, like music, hairstyles, and fashion, are reinvented with a modern twist. Traditional kitchen touches are making their way back into today’s homes, but with a new twist. Rather than over-the-top ornamentation, today’s traditional kitchen features more simplified details. It’s most noticeable in kitchen cabinetry, where there are more options for traditional styling than just the ever-popular shaker style door. Traditional details can be found almost anywhere, from faucets to cabinet doors, and allow you to decide how much of that traditional style you want to incorporate into your kitchen design.

It can be difficult to navigate the plethora of options available for your kitchen. Fortunately, you can meet with one of the JMC Designers to help you sort through all of the options. Our designers will work with you to design a beautiful kitchen rennovation that complements your style and home.