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You do intend to have your house painted, yes? Yet you’re unsure of who to call, how much to spend, and what services to anticipate from the painting contractor you hired? Hence, before starting a painting project as part of a home improvement project, you should conduct your research on colors and paint finish.

Interior Painting vs Exterior Painting

You must first realize that painting your home is not a one-size-fits-all project that is completed by a contractor. Interior and exterior painting are two distinct subfields that fall under the umbrella of painting your home. As their names imply, an interior painting project entails painting the interior of your home, while an exterior painting project covers all of your home’s exterior.

We will concentrate on interior painting in this article because it is more difficult than exterior painting.

Getting Started

To prevent paint splatters on the furniture during interior painting, your Charlotte contractor and his crew will first remove everything from the room. Then, your contractor will explain which paint manufacturers he intends to employ in your room and propose a few color schemes that he believes you’ll like. Some clients like to employ various color schemes in each room, while others prefer to keep the interior and exterior of the house on a similar theme.

Selecting the Right Paint Finish

What kind of interior paint finish should you select?  You have a variety of options, including flat, gloss, eggshell, and semi-gloss paint. The general rule is that a finished product’s gloss indicates how durable it actually is under normal use and abuse.

An alternative term for a gloss paint finish is a satin paint finish, which is a suitable choice if you’re painting children’s rooms or trim that might need to be washed to remove crayon or pencil scribbles. Due to its durability and contemporary appearance, gloss paint is widely used to paint furniture like chairs and tables. Compared to a gloss paint finish, semi-gloss and high-gloss paint finishes reflect more light. For usage on kitchen and bathroom walls, which frequently come into contact with water during periodic house cleaning blitzes, semi-gloss alone is advised.

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As eggshell absorbs a lot of light, it has more of a matte appearance than a shine. On interior walls that may require it, you should select eggshell paint finish rather than flat paint, which does not allow surface dirt and substances to be wiped off as well. Contrarily, flat paint is typically employed to conceal surface flaws or application errors (like when the painter uses the brush in the wrong direction from his previous applications.)